PCA Training


An important aspect of independent living is home-based and consumer-directed care. Our multimedia training is a timely solution to increasing demand for consumer-managed home care workers and to the challenges that presents.

Instructors, independent living centers or and health and human service agencies that provide Personal Care Assistant services use our training package to recruit, train and maintain personal care assistants and other non-medical home caregivers. It presents a candid and balanced overview and includes important perspectives of people with disabilities, caregivers and agency managers.

Training Syllabus Outline:
1 - Consumer Direction
1a - What is it?
1b - Job Tasks and Assistive Technology
1c - Who's the boss?

2 - Health and Safety
2a - Hazards in the Home
2b - Emergencies
2c - Protecting Yourself and Others

3 - Communication
3a - Stay Focused, Ask Questions
3b - Positive Problem Solving and Feedback
3c - Disability Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity

4 - Rights and Responsibilities
4a - The Work Agreement
4b - Respect for Boundaries
4c - Recognizing Abuse

The unique advantage our training brings is that it has three points of view on the four aforementioned training parts: One perspective by the agency, one by the PCA and one by the client. All geared to give a better perception of how your care should be.