PCA Expectations


Personal Care Assistant Roles and Responsibilities 
As a personal care assistant employed by the Consumer and Aspirience Home Care, I agree to the following responsibilities:
1. Enter into a written agreement with the consumer and Aspirience Home Care, as joint employers, before providing services to the consumer.
2. Complete all required forms and provide necessary information to, including criminal background check verification, prior to providing services to the Consumer.
3. Pass a criminal background check, a requirement of eligibility to be a personal care assistant.
4. Obtain training from the Consumer, with assistance from a qualified professional (if applicable), to ensure I can satisfactorily perform all responsibilities in the consumer's plan of care.
5. Work at scheduled times as determined by the Consumer, notifying the Consumer of changes as early as possible to arrange for backup assistance.
6. Provide personal care services to the Consumer as specified in their plan of care, following written and verbal directions from the Consumer or responsible party.
7. Assist with activities of daily living (ADLs) as directed.
8. Inform the Consumer about all visible bodily changes that may need medical attention.
9. Keep Consumer's personal life confidential and adhere to data privacy.
10. Observe and stay alert to ongoing instructions by the Consumer.
11. Respect the privacy of the Consumer's personal property.
12. While working within the Consumer's home, maintain respect as a professional and focus on job related activities. Perform duties in an ethical matter, preserving and respecting the rights and dignity of the Consumer.
13. Be present when working with the Consumer in their service environment, and leave only when the shift is completed.
14. Communicate respectfully and directly to the Consumer regarding services.
15. When assisting with the transportation of the Consumer, request that seat restraints are used properly and consistently.
16. Follow safety procedures and work to identify safety needs of self and the Consumer.
17. Support the Consumer when they participate in community activities, relationships and involvement with others.
18. Comply with policies, procedures and training provided by the Consumer and/or Aspirience Home Care.
19. If I am unavoidably going to be late for a scheduled work shift, I will make every attempt to notify the Consumer.
20. Accurately document time worked for Consumer by promptly completing and signing time sheets and submitting timely every two weeks according to the Payroll Schedule.
21. As a matter of courtesy, give the Consumer a minimum of two weeks notice if want to terminate my employment as their PCA.

Other Personal Care Assistant Criteria:
• Must be at least 18 years old.

• Able to and provide covered PCA services according to the recipient's care plan, and respond appropriately to recipient's needs.

• Report changes in the recipient's condition.
• Not be the responsible party.
• Not be a recipient of personal care services.
• Undergo a background check.
• Successfully completed at least one of the following training requirements before providing services. (The PCPO must maintain documentation that each PCA meets one of the following training requirements.):
• Nursing assistant training program or its equivalent for which competency as a nursing assistant is determined according to a test administered by the State Board of Vocational Education;
• Homemaker--home health aide pre-service training program using a curriculum recommended by MDH;
• Accredited educational program for licensed RNs or LPNs; or
• Training program that provided the individual with the skills required in order to perform the covered personal care services.